all your favorite channels in one place

70+ Live USA Channels. $29.99/month

DVR, 7 Day Guide Playback, On-Demand Movies. No Hidden Fees, No Contracts.

The Best Channel Selection

We carry all the most popular live tv channels starting at a unbeatable price of only $29.99/month

Premium Movie Channels

Add-on HBO, Cinemax and Showtime for only $20/month

Watch Live, Anywhere, Any Screen

With Casting

With Casting

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With Casting

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Stop Overpaying For Live TV

Cloud DVR

Record all your favorite shows with our cloud dvr feature.

7 day guide playback

Rewatch any channel in the guide from the past 7 days.

watch on the go anywhere

Watch all your live tv channels on the go at anytime.

Free Streaming Device For Every Customer

Streaming device are automatically sent after trial expiration, subject to 1 month pre-pay*

Upgrades & Addon Features Available

Enhanced DVR

Upgrade and enjoy 50 hours of dvr storage for the entire family to record all their favorite programs.

Multi-Screen Family Plan

The entire family can watch their favorite channels on any device, anytime with our family plans.

On-Demand Cinema Movies

Enjoy our entire collection of popular cinema movies with your monthly subscription. Comedy, kids, action, drama, and more. We have hundreds of great cinema movies for the entire family to watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free trial work

You no longer have to enter your credit card details to access a ICHOICETV Free Trial- All you need is a US based cell phone number, which we will send a verification code to. After sign-up, you will receive the ICHOICETV service FREE for 7 days. We will send reminders of your trial expiry date so you can log into your billing portal and activate your chosen plan and enter payment details. During the 7 day FREE trial, you will be given access to the ICHOICETV service and the included features of Cloud DVR, 7 days TV replay and access to the full ICHOICETV Cinema Library. If you decide ICHOICETV is not for you, cancel easily through your billing portal or our live chat. During the 7 day FREE trial, you will be given access to the Omni Go TV service and the included features of Cloud DVR, 7 days TV replay and access to the full Omni Go Cinema Library (NOT Included In The FREE Plan).

Can I record live tv channels

Of Course! Never miss another game, episode, program or movie. Subscribing to ICHOICETV gives you 20 hours of Cloud DVR storage to record your shows and watch them later on your favorite device. If that’s not enough for your TV needs, add Enhanced Cloud DVR to increase your video storage to 50 hours. ($4.99/ month extra) You can record multiple shows at the same time, rewind, pause and fast-forward. You can even watch on-the-go on your portable devices.

What is the 7 day catch-up feature

ICHOICETV offers 7 days TV replay as standard with every subscription. You no longer have to hit record if you plan to watch a program which has aired in the last 7 days. One of the main advantages of ICHOICETV, is that we offer 7 days TV replay which has over 13,000 hours of automatically recorded content available on-demand.

Can I watch live tv on more than 1 device?

An ICHOICETV subscription allows you to install on unlimited devices. A maximum of 1 screen can be viewed at a time. ICHOICETV offers upgrades to multi-screen (extra charge of $4.99/month for up to 3 devices at once & $7.99/ month for up to 5 devices at once).

When will I receive my free streaming tv device?

Your free streaming device will usually be shipped within 3 days of your first month pre-payment

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